Thinking of Selling Yourself?

Here are five key points to prove the “DIY” approach should be reserved for small home repairs –not home sales- and why you should always work with a real estate professional.


The most essential component to getting your house sold is to price it correctly. Price too high and it simply sits on the market, becoming a stale listing. Price too low and you lose money. Home sellers have an emotional connection to their homes and tend to think they are worth more than what the market will bear. An experienced Realtor knows the nuances of your local market, how to price based on those specifics, and then justifies the price of your home to potential buyers.


Selling your home is a business transaction- a major one. There are three significant negotiations in the sale process: the initial offer, the counter-offer, and the post-offer period that includes inspections and requests for concessions. You need a skilled and objective negotiator on your side during those discussions.


You want your home to get the maximum exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers. Not only will a professional prepare all the marketing materials, coordinate the internet marketing, and hold open houses, he or she will also network regularly with other agents who may have interested buyers…maybe even your buyer.

Buyer Perception

The vast majority of potential buyers are going to be represented by an agent of their own. FSBO deals can often deter agents who prefer to work with other real estate professionals or who worry about receiving their own half of the commission. And if you do plan to pony up a buyer’s agent commission, you’re really only saving 3%, not 6% on the sale.

Getting the Transaction Done

A professional has the experience to work through the sale process efficiently, stepping in when there are financing problems, dealing directly with buyers’ objections and complaints, keeping the closing on track, and facilitating the contracts and escrow to a successful, smooth close.

Courtesy of Forbes Magazine     March 19, 2014