Mesta Park/Heritage Hills

Home to many of Oklahoma City’s founding elite, the neighborhoods just north of downtown, Mesta Park and Heritage Hills, are among the first Historic Preservation Districts in the state. With development starting just after the turn of the century, these neighborhoods feature a wealth of local history and intrigue, with the Overholser Mansion (Heritage Hills), one of the finest house museums in the world, and home of the legendary Perle Mesta (Mesta Park) joining the former Georgian “Oil Mansions,” Prairie School / Foursquare, and Craftsman-style homes typical of the area.

  • Avg. distance from downtown: 1.8 miles, 7 minutes
  • Avg. distance from Tinker AFB: 11.8 miles, 18 minutes
  • Average home price*: $450,000 (HH), $240,000 (MP)
  • Avg square footage*: 2136 (HH), 1916 (MP)
  • School district: Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Community links: Mesta ParkHeritage Hills

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